Sunday, 3 April 2011

Collection for Dreamflight at Crystal Peaks Shopping Centre, Sheffield. 2nd April 2011

In addition to the many and varied charities, which the 99th Garrison supports, it has two main charities that it is collecting for.  These are the Christies Cancer Trust and Dreamflight. Dreamflight's website is at and is well worth a visit to see what it is all about.  There is also a short video about 3 mins long which really helps you to see what a wonderful charity this is!  I have been fortunate enough to have been chosen to go on the Dreamflight trip to Florida as a non medical escort in 2009 and 2010 but have to allow someone else the opportunity this year.... Fingers are crossed for next year though!!!

On the 2nd April, we had permission from the management of the Crystal Peaks Shopping Centre to collect for Dreamflight.  We got there at about 09:00am and they kindly let us use their conference room in their management suite to get changed and leave our belongings in. We trooped from about 10:15 until 3:30 and were well received by the good people of Sheffield who once they got over their initial shock of seeing Stormtroopers and Lord Vader outside of their local shops were quite generous and contributed £320.78!!!

We were also extremely well looked after by Dan, the manager of the O2 branch in the centre, who having seen the 99th in action previously at the Meadowhall Centre, provided a lovely buffet style lunch and drinks for us all in his store.... Thanks very much Dan!  It isn't often that we get so well looked after and when we do, it is very much appreciated!! Dan also made a large donation to the collection!  What a Star!!!

We were helped out on the day by Dr Nigel and Carolyn from the local Dolphin Group of Dreamflight and two of last year's Dreamflight children; Amy and Connor, who it was lovely to see again!

A huge thanks to Steve, Heidi, Jim, Craig, Rob, Daz, Amy and Maisy for coming along and helping it to make the really nice day that it was.