Monday, 23 May 2011

Elstree Studios - Fist Impressions - Sunday 22nd May 2011

The 99th was given the honour of supporting Elstree Studios [The home Of Star Wars] in a huge event which was part of the Elstree Heritage  project which included a revamp of the local train station to add film and TV images and artwork, not just at the train station but also all the way down Shenley Road to Elstree Studios.

The work includes stars in the pavement, banners on lighting columns, vinyl "skins" on empty properties, plaque panels, a specially designed wall sculpture and more. You'll find a few details at

This event was also attended by The Rebel Legion and the MK Garrison and for me, started on Saturday with the drive down the M1 towards London.  We had the Craigster with us and seeing as how it was his birthday weekend we stopped off at an Army surplus store that I know of in Ripley.  He was a like a kid in a sweet shop and did not know where to look first but after much browsing a purchase was made of army webbing.  T|his also involved asking a shop assistant how you put it together and wore it only for me to point out that the instructions were next to the display.  

We then continued our drive and arrived at the Ibis Hotel in Elstree early evening and had a surprisingly very nice meal at the hotel restaurant before being joined by Daz, Jo and Neo, Paul, Mel and Cora, Chris, Rob and Darran for a few sherbets but not too many given the big troop the following day! 

The day of the troop started with breakfast at the Ibis and then the arrival of Gary from the MK Garrison with the 99th Garrison Crew T - shirts!  Hooray!!!  

We then had a leisurely morning until about 11 when it was time to make the short journey to Elstree Studios where we needed to be in kit and ready for the first guests at 1:00pm.  I did Biker Scout for this event as I was not sure if the weather would hold out and I didn't fancy my twi'lek becoming streaky blue in the rain. It was also really good to see so much armor in one place at the same time.  We were asked to pose on some old double decker buses and various other locations as the guests arrived - including Barbara Windsor and Burt Kwouk of Peter Sellers and Pink Panther fame -   and then we were transported on those buses to the train station.  You should have seen the look on the faces of the good people of Elstree who were just going about their daily routine on a Sunday only to see a double decker bus go past them full of stromtroopers and two clone troopers, Lord Vader and Yoda on the running board at the back!  There were some serious double takes and looks of disbelief!

Lots of photos were taken at the station with the guests and with Barbara and the weather was actually quite nice - if not a little windy.  After the formal speeches we mingled and posed for more photos and then were transported back to the studios on the buses again!

A hug thanks to Paul for organizing this event and I will now try and name every one who attended..... apologies to anyone I miss but there were so many...... Jim, Craig, Daz, Neo, Jo, Chris, Rob, Darran, Peter, Jeff and Michaela, Kayleigh, Mel, Cora, Julia, Mark, Craig D, Gary, Matt, Clara-Jade, Ian, Martin, Jeff C, Milky, Mark M, Brad, Celine, Mike and Mike D.