Saturday, 30 July 2011

Event kindly written by the Craigster as I missed this event and went on a girlie night out instead! Thanks Craig! x

Hey Guys just doing a guest blog as Sue wasn’t here for this event.

The 99th was invited to go to the That's Entertainment in Crystal Peaks shopping centre for a nice weekend troop.  Started off as a Friday stop over at Jim and Sue's with the usual tea on Friday ready for a early morning on Saturday.

Set off with just me and  jim in the car on the way to the troop whilst Sue kept catching some sleep.  We set off in the morning on the way to crystal peaks with map on board and google directions, as we didn’t have the sat nav in car.  This proved troublesome for us as we attempted to navigate the tiny b roads and country lanes to get the Sheffield.

Took a fair few wrong turns here and there but we got a nice scenic route of the old farms and hills on the way, the diversiosn probably didn’t help as i could read the map to save my life lol, but we got there in the end.

When arriving there we where greated by the rest of troops getting ready and chilling above the shop in the chaging rooms in thats Entertainment that looked like the warehouse off Indiana Jones and the raiders of the lost ark except with DVD’s and games.  Whilst getting changed managed to show off a bit of work i was doing on the website and get feedback on how the design was going so it was easy to understand.
But after a bit off faffing and chatting we all made our way down stairs and ready to step out in to the shop and the shopping centre, we had a nice parade of Vader, two  stormies, me as sandie, 1 black hole trooper followed by a tie pilot and twilek.
Stepping out in to the shop we were greeted by a great presentation of cheers and ohhh’s, which set the standard for the day as people "ooohhhed" and "agghhed" as we trooped in the shop and outside.

Was a really nice troop with alot of intrigued kiddies at the sight of vader and the troops, managed to get down in the hood by giving out “respect” with the kids;).

With the shop packed and the shopping centre very busy it got very warm very quick and before ya knew it ya lenses would steam up and so would you, luckelly the back door was open upstairs in the changing rooms and it was raining so it was very easy to cool down.
We all managed to get our selves a fan club in the form off Shanie and the rest of the staff of That's entertainment.

Big thanks to Jeff , Darren stocks, Craig E, Nigel , Marie, Jim and Michaela & Kayleigh.