Sunday, 10 July 2011

St Dunstan's Summer Fayre, Moston, Manchester - 10th July 2011

The 99th was asked to attend St Dunstan's Summer Fayre on Sunday 10th July, 2011.  Not too bad a journey this one, being a round trip of only 52 miles.  The Craigster had been staying with us for the weekend after the event at Pride Park on Friday night so not even a need for a diversion to Stockport!!

The weather was quite nice when we set off and after an 11:30 start, it stayed dry until about 1:00pm and then it rained... again!

We were given the staff room to get changed in and on arrival dropped our bags off in there.  I was then asked to let someone into the building who asked me if I knew who owned the black C3 outside as they might want to come and look at it....  Turned out he was the DJ for the event and he had just hit my car!!!!  I know its only a minor thing in the grand scheme of things but to say I am irritated by it is an under statement...  I'm fed up of things hitting my car... last year was a falling branch and now another car.... at least this time, I know who to claim off and the damage is not as bad as when it was hit by a falling branch but the bumper has been pushed inwards and is scratched and the head lamp is also damaged and may require a new unit.

Anyway, this did put a dampener on the day's event for me but, there was me, Jim and Craig and Simon had joined us from Wrexham so we did what we do best and posed for photos, frightening small children and some adults and I got to see more firemen!!!.  I crewed for the event in my officer's uniform and one of them kindly took a group photo for us in front of the engine.  

We trooped for about an hour and a half before we got rained off and called it a day... 

Thanks to Craig and Jim and especially Simon for travelling all the way from Wrexham.